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At HerbertNathan & Co we are a highly specialized management consulting firm within the area of ERP and we are the most frequented advisors on the Danish market. We offer independent advice based on experience from participation in hundreds of ERP projects during the past 15 years. We at HerbertNathan & Co are 100% independent and have never formed any alliances with ERP vendors. Our experience within most ERP platforms is unrivaled and we can offer qualified advisory support during the implementation phase.

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  • Hur lyckas man med sitt affärssystemsprojekt?

    HNCO Stockholm

    Att implementera ett nytt affärssystem är ofta en mycket stor investering med stora risker för att verksamheten blir negativt påverkad. Det finns dock många erfarenheter och lärdomar från tidigare projekt för att öka sannolikheten att lyckas med sitt affärssystemsprojekt. HerbertNathan & Co kommer under detta seminarium presentera erfarenheter och råd om hur man lyckas med…

    December 8, kl: 08:30 - 10:30

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HerbertNathan & Co offers advice to companies and organisations throughout the entire  ERP system lifecycle – starting from acquisition to implementation, to optimisation during operation. Our consulting services always have one thing in common – they are based on 100% independent advice. We believe that challenges and problems are best solved at their root, irrespective of whether they are caused by the client or the ERP vendor.