Aditro HRM Suite

A HCM system with an origin in Payroll

This is just a brief overview. More details can be found in our report HCM systems in Sweden – 2019

Vendor information

  • Vendor name: Aditro
  • Country of Origin: Sweden

Product information

  • Product name: Aditro HRM Suite
  • Customer Target Group, by number of employees:
    501-2 500
    2 500-10 000
    over 10 000
  • Customer sector: Private
  • Languages supported (no.): 4
  • Partner strategy:
    • Selling Not at all done by partner
    • Implementation Not at all done by partner
    • Operation & Hosting To some extent done by partner

Factors to consider according to HerbertNathan & Co

  • Aditro HCM suite covers both HCM and Payroll, but the strengths are in payroll, time and expense.
  • Aditro offers a suite with several integrated modules. Integrations exist in the background to present an HCM solution.
  • There exist some limitations of alignment between modules, especially in the talent management processes.
  • Existing partnership with ReachMee for the recruitment process and Grade for learning management.
  • Aditro also provides outsourcing and Application Management services.

Process support

  • Payroll
  • Time & Attendance
  • Performance Management
  • Termination & Offboarding
  • Administration
  • Career & Development
  • Compensation management
  • Onboarding
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Strategic Processes
  • Recruting
  • Learning management

Contact system