WMS in Scandinavia

An independent analysis and market overview of WMS systems in Scandinavia.

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A unique opportunity to get an independent and fresh view into the Warehouse Management System industry

20 different systems and WMS vendors have participated in the survey, resulting in this 58 pages independent analysis, now available for all companies with an interest to improve the efficiency in their supply chains and warehousing in particular.

The report explains what business benefits and competitive advantages a WMS gives your company.

The unique report gives a thorough analysis and insight of which systems and vendors are available on the Scandinavian market, their scope of functionality, market share in Scandinavia and globally, strengths, reference customers, view on future functionality, a relative positioning to the other WMS and much, much more.

The latest trends within WMS and Supply Chain Management comes in this report directly from the WMS suppliers themselves, together with our own experience and view.

Do not miss this chance for a unique insight into the exciting and growing WMS industry.

Contents of report

  • Executive summary
  • Warehouse Management Systems in Scandinavia 2016
  • WMS dictionary
  • The business value of WMS
  • Cloud based WMS
  • The WMS market in Scandinavia
  • Solutions and vendors “on a page” overview
  • Selecting WMS
  • Implementing WMS
  • Trends and future

Purpose of the report:

The overall purpose of this report is to perform an unbiased strategic analysis of the WMS market in Scandinavia, and more specifically uncover:

  • The background of WMS in Scandinavia
  • Which WMS systems and vendors are available on the Scandinavian market
  • Specific characteristics of the WMS systems and vendors
  • Possible business value of WMS systems
  • How to select and implement WMS systems
  • Business and technology trends related to WMS

Additional information

Included systems

• Apport WMS
• Astro WMS
• Catellae WMS
• Diracom-Lager
• IBS Dynaman
• Infor Supply Chain Execution
• Jeeves eWMS
• Manhattan SCALE
• Microsoft Dynamics AX WMS
• Mobile WMS
• Oracle Information Discovery WMS
• WarehouseExpert
• Warpspeed

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