Our range of publications

In addition to our consulting work, we also work extensively on producing a variety of different publications that describe the current ERP, CRM, HCM, BI, and WMS market. Our publications are broken down into two different categories: Market Research and MarketUpdates.

The Market Research reports are our biggest publications and as such, we typically release between 1-2 each year. They provide an opportunity to quickly gain a good overview of vendors and solutions within a specific area. They are, therefore, a good starting point for the acquisition of a new system or as a way of gaining insight into the current market. The reports are compiled and created on the background of our consultants’ extensive knowledge of the different business sectors, as well as detailed interviews with each vendor. The overall purpose of a Market Research report is to conduct an independent strategic analysis of the marketplace within ERP, HR, CRM, BI or WMS.

Finally, we have our MarketUpdates. These smaller publications focus mainly on select systems and vendors and are based on in-depth meetings, presentations, interviews and discussions with leading representatives of the potential system and provide our view of the major developments in the market. These publications are typically released every month and are normally six pages long; the MarketUpdates are always free of charge.