ERP Cloud Solutions in Scandinavia

An independent analysis and market overview of the cloud-based ERP market in Scandinavia.

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ERP Cloud Solutions in Scandinavia

Cloud technology has totally changed the ERP-market – or has it? All classic ERP vendors are marketing cloud-based ERP solutions, and a wide range of new ERP solutions have entered the market. Are they all the same or do they differ? Grasping the finer points of the cloud phenomenon is not easy, and neither is gaining a picture of the rapidly-evolving cloud-based ERP market – especially understanding whether cloud-based ERP is a genuine breakthrough or just hype.

This independent report answers all these questions and more besides while providing insights and clearly explaining in non-technical language the terms commonly met in the ‘ERP cloud world’. The report, which outlines market trends, market characteristics and solutions, also highlights important strengths and weaknesses concerning individual vendors and their solutions. You will find recommendations, good advice and points well worth considering when selecting a cloud-based ERP solution or on-premises solution.

The target group for this report comprises small and medium sized enterprises, however larger organisations can also benefit significantly from understanding the availability of ERP cloud solutions and current market trends.

The nine chapters of this independent report introduce the cloud-based ERP market and provide insights into many topics including:

  • ERP cloud trends and business benefits
  • Classic ERP vendors’ cloud strategies
  • Definitions and classifications of different cloud solutions
  • A detailed overview of the cloud-based ERP solutions available in Denmark, Norway and Sweden
  • Footprints in terms of internationalisation and processes supported
  • Target groups, industries, countries and languages supported
  • Price models and price examples
  • Characteristics of the individual ERP cloud solutions available in Scandinavia
  • Excellent advice and points well worth considering when selecting a cloud-based ERP solution.

As the Scandinavian market is transforming into an international market, this survey has been conducted in English. The report will be launched in November 2014 and you are welcome to download a free extract of the first three chapters to gain an impression of the contents.

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Included suppliers and systems

This report contains 54 pages and details about 14 cloud-based ERP solutions:

• 24sevenoffice
• E-conomic
• Enterprise by HansaWorld
• NetSuite
• Oracle Fusion ERP Cloud
• RamBase
• Rexor
• SoftOne XE
• Specter Business Management
• Workday
• Xledger


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