The selection of a new ERP system should be based on the answers to three general strategic questions:

  • Why is there a need to invest in a new system?
  • Which system will cover the needs best?
  • Who shall implement the system?

HerbertNathan & Co has the experience and insight which is needed to answer these questions.

Our services in connection to the preparation of an ERP project and its selection include:

  • ERP strategy
  • Pre-analysis
  • Development of business case
  • Coverage of business needs creation of tender documents and specifications
  • Evaluation of systems and vendors
  • Selection of implementation partners
  • Contract signing

If your company is in the decision-making process whether to invest in a new ERP system or not, and you wish to gain more knowledge of how to manage this task, you are welcome to contact HerbertNathan & Co for a free meeting.