Visma Business

ERP system for smallsized organizations

This is just a brief overview. More details can be found in our report ERP in Sweden 2016

Vendor information

  • Vendor name: Visma Software
  • Country of Origin: Norway

Product information

  • Product name: Visma Business
  • Customer Target Group, by number of employees:
    501-2 500
    2 500-10 000
    over 10 000
  • Customers Globally: 11000
  • Customer sector: Private
  • Languages supported (no.): 5
  • Partner strategy:
    • Selling To a large extent done by partner
    • Implementation To a large extent done by partner
    • Operation & Hosting To a limited extent done by partner
    • Support To a large extent done by partner

Factors to consider according to HerbertNathan & Co

  • Visma Business is a broad ERP system with good flexibility
  • Essential to advanced CRM functionality available from Visma, by adding Visma SuperOffice
  • Warehouse functionality is available from a partner
  • The growth of Visma Business customers has been low, but has increased radically the last few years
  • Visma as a group has expanded in recent years and is now one of Europe’s larger providers of financial- and ERP systems

Process support

  • Accounting
  • Project Management
  • E-Commerce
  • Sales Order Management
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Service
  • Financial Management
  • Purchasing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Manufacturing
  • Product Development
  • Maintenance
  • CRM (Sales - Marketing)
  • Warehouse Management
  • Payroll
  • HR
  • Environment, health and safety

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